Family owned and operated, boutique winery in Tin City, specializing in Rhône varietals.

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    The genesis of CONCUR Wines was a vision realized by two women, Natasha Boffman (winemaker) and Paige Wilson. Passionate about the potential of Paso Robles wines, they are excited to present the beautifully crafted wines of CONCUR: Rhone-style blends made with a delicate, feminine touch, yet the boldness of the highest quality grapes from Paso’s finest westside vineyards.

    A highly accomplished winemaker with her feet firmly planted in Paso Robles, Natasha Boffman is a philanthropist, volunteer, runner, tennis player, dog lover, wife, mother of two, and a master’s degree holder. Plus she’s a perfectionist—an inherent trait that contributes to her incredible winemaking talents and frequently exercises her ability to multi-task-like-no-other.

    Natasha has made wine in Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, Napa, Sonoma, and Australia, for wineries of every size and shape. She has always relished the anticipation every new vintage brings, but even more now for her own CONCUR wines.