Purfresh Wine

Purfresh Wine’s temperature controlled, O3 treatments enhance grape quality and remove smoke taint.

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    Purfresh Wine’s ozone (O3) technology helps the wine industry and is a key component in disaster recovery. We improve winemaking and wine quality, and save harvests from smoke taint caused by wildfires. Our 24-Hour, organic approved, O3 with temperature control application for harvested wine grapes is used pre-crush, has zero residue and provides many benefits:

    ● Removes field applied pesticides, fungicides, and sulfur
    ● Improves tannin roundness and fruit-forward sensory notes of wine
    ● Reduces bad bacteria and mold issues (Brettanomyces)
    ● Faster smoother fermentations with less unwanted microbial conflict
    ● Cools grapes to exact desired temperature for fermentation start
    ● Provides risk reduction across many food safety sectors
    ● Removes or reduces smoke taint molecules significantly
    ● Levels of catechin, tannins, anthocyanins, move in beneficial directions
    ● Cleaner wine with reduced need of total SO2 added to wine
    ● Allows wines to be consumer ready sooner

    Grapes are placed in a sealed, self-powered, and temperature-controlled container and treated with O3 for 24 hours. After treatment is complete, O3 breaks down into oxygen (O2), so there is no residue left over and no chemicals applied to the grapes. The Purfresh Wine system is predominantly for use on red wine, as our treatment’s benefits are on the grape skin. Benefits can be found in taste, color, ripening, and stability of the wines.