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Protea - outsourced bookkeeping and accounting allowing business owners to make better decisions.

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    Protea Bookkeeping’s Founders started Protea in 2014 to solve their own problem- finding high quality and cost-effective accounting for their own businesses. Two people filling a void has grown into a team of more than 20 professionals providing high quality accounting and bookkeeping to more than 60 clients.

    Protea provides flexible, audit-trained bookkeeping and accounting solutions. With a management team and account managers based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Protea provides business owners and managers with financial information and insight for making decisions. Protea’s goal is to provide, at costs below the market average, timely, accurate, and high-quality financial information on which a business can act.

    Protea provides services to take over the burdens and responsibilities of finding, managing, and training an accountant or bookkeeper for businesses and free up proprietors’ time, so they can focus on building their businesses. Based on a client’s needs, Protea can provide any combination of standard bookkeeping and accounting, either as a fully-outsourced service managed by Protea or by adding a dedicated full-time or part-time accounting professional to your team at a significantly lower cost than what you would pay to hire an accountant or bookkeeper.