Preferred Payments

Free rate review that includes discounted rates and a consultation on minimizing wine club declines

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    Preferred Payments works with wineries, tasting rooms, and vineyards across the US. We provide merchant services for wineries that will lower costs while adding value by using equipment and customized solutions that are specific to the wine industry. For any association member, we provide discounted rates, a complimentary rate review, low cost equipment and other benefits to add value to the members. We also offer automatic card updater to help minimize wine club declines and can integrate into your existing software and POS system.

    Preferred Payments offers a single source solution for:

    Tasting rooms
    Wine Festivals and Events

    Whether it’s accepting EMV chip cards in the tasting room or setting up recurring billing for your wine club, we have a simple, low cost solution that can help you manage both your business and customers with ease and simplicity.

    Contact Katie for a complimentary rate review to get a customized review with your annual savings.
    Direct 805-472-4908