Oreana Wine Company LLC

Oreana Winery in Creston, CA boasts a diverse range of facilities and amenities.

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  • About
    Welcome to Oreana Winery, a prestigious winery nestled in the heart of Creston, California.

    Our facilities include:

    Stainless Steel Tanks: 500,000+ gallons of wine capacity.

    Large Warehouse (Barrel Room): Spanning 10,000 square feet with an additional extension of 3,750 square feet.

    Large Case Good Warehouse: Measuring 4,500 square feet and dedicated to the storage of bottled wines.

    Small Case Good Warehouse: At 1,000 square feet of space, this space is perfect for storing limited-release and specialty wines.

    Winery Building: Encompassing 9,700 square feet and housing state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities.

    Winery Apartment: A 1,600 square-foot apartment on the property offers a cozy, comfortable space for a winemaking team or guests to stay on-site.

    Winery Office: Our 500 square-foot office space is where the administrative and creative aspects of winemaking take place.

    Wine Storage: Tenants stack wine barrels up to 15 feet high, and pallets up to 13.5 feet high.

    Water Storage Tanks: Well-prepared with six water storage tanks, each holding 6,000 gallons. In addition to our large water storage tanks, we have four smaller holding tanks, each capable of storing 2,500 gallons of water.

    Wells: Two wells supply our water needs. The first produces approximately 20 gallons per minute and is located between the winery and the residence. The main well, with an output of around 150 gallons per minute, serves as our primary water so