Moose Mountain Vineyards

Moose Mountain Vineyards is a certified sustainable winery specializing in full bodied reds.

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  • About
    Established in 2008, Moose Mountain Vineyards was planted with love by family and friends. From 5 acres to 14 in San Martin and 10 acres in Paso Robles MMV has seen steady growth over the years. Our team is focused on the organic production of exceptional grape varietals and maintaining the vines in a more traditional way. The vineyards is managed “by hand” from the pruning in February to the fruit drop and leaf pull in late spring and early summer. The harvest is performed by a team of dedicated family and friends that have a total investment in the selection of the best fruit for the crush.

    At Moose Mountain, we embody the ‘Do No Harm’ mantra when it comes to protecting the soil and hillside today and in the future. Making wines with sustainable and organic practices is not only important, but it is also our responsibility.

    We specialize in Bordeaux and Rhone red blends and a comination of unique varietals from Europe including Tannat, Aglianico, Tempranillo, Nero d' Avola and Negroamaro. We also love our California P.S. I love You - Petite Sirah
  • Vineyard Details
    • First Date Planted: 2008
    • Last Date Planted: 2022
    • Row Orientations: all
    • Row Spacings: 8x4 and 6x3
    • Trellis Type: VSP
    • Rootstock: 1103P
    • Irrigated/Dry Farmed: Dry-farmed after 7 years
    • Soil Types: Limestone and clay
    • Slope Description: hillside steep
    • Harvest Method: By hand
    • Wineries Supplied: Moose Mountain Vineyards
  • Varieties Grown
    • Cabernet Sauvignon | 5 acres

    • Cabernet Franc | 3 acres

    • Tannat | 1 acres

    • Sémillon | 2 acres

    • Petite Sirah | 1 acres