mid•point winery

Historic winery est. 1908 focused on authentic Rhône, Bordeaux, and other experimental wines

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    Let's dive into the backstory here: we're a young family who kicked things off with a small vineyard back in 2015, Hollyhock. Fast forward to 2020, and we took the plunge, going all-in and adopting the historic Rotta Winery. It's been a whirlwind from there – we’ve been replanting the vineyard, getting permits for new projects, and creating some epic restoration designs to pay tribute to the storied history.

    But here's the thing – we're a family caught in a conundrum. We want to pay homage to the past but still carve out our own path. And let's not even get started on the whole "ROE-TA vs. RAW-TA" thing. Rotta Zin and Rotta Black Monukka are here to stay, they're legends in a bottle. For the rest, we're cooking up new wine names paired with stories that'll stick with you.

    Now, for the big reveal – the winery's got a new fresh name: mid•point

    Yeah, it might sound a bit quirky, but that's us. Here's the thought – if you're at the pinnacle or apex, it infers that you've "made it" and achieved all there is. But, we believe we are only at the midpoint of our journey. A midpoint is a connection, a balance point in mathematics. Plus - we’re smack in the middle between San Francisco and LA.

    In a world where everything's turned up to eleven, we want to be the mid•point that can bring people together. It's about balance, and guess what? Wine's the ultimate balance game – acid, tannin, phenolics, and alcohol all playing together.
  • Wines Produced
    Bordeaux-Style Blend
    Cabernet Franc
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Grenache Blanc
    Red Blend
    Red Rhône-Style Blend
    Tinta Cão
    Tinto Roriz
    Touriga Nacional
    White Rhône-Style Blend