Laffort USA

Visit the Paso Robles Laffort store (at Baker Lab) for all your enological winemaking supplies.

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    Laffort is a fourth-generation family-owned winemaking product supplier. Based in Bordeaux since 1895, with a history in enology dating back to Pasteur’s seminal works, the Laffort group is proud to dedicate one of the largest budgets in the industry to Research and Development. As a result of these efforts, the company holds many patents and regularly launches innovative products and processes for the wine industry. Laffort is distributed in over 60 countries with North American operations based in Petaluma, CA. Laffort holds HACCP and ISO certifications and Laffort USA is the first winemaking product supplier in the U.S. to achieve Green Business Certification.
    Please reach out to the local Laffort Technical Winemaker, Marcy Mallette (805-234-8446) for guidance with winemaking issues such as bio-protection, wine styling, mouth feel trials, yeast nutrition, stuck fermentations, stabilization, microbial stability, etc.

    Come to the Paso Robles Laffort store for all your enological winemaking supplies.
    Yeast -FX10, RX60, XPure, X5, X16, VL1, VL2, VL3, Egide
    Enzymes - HE Grand Cru, Lafazyme Press, Lafazyme CL, Extract
    Nutrients - Dynastart, Superstart, Nutristart
    Fining Agents - Polylact, Polymust, Argilact, Microcol, Gecoll Supra
    ML Bacteria - B7, SB3 Instant, PreAc 450, B16
    Fermentation Tannins - VR Supra, VR Color
    Aging Tannins - Tan'Cor Grand Cru
    Finishing Tannins - Quertanins
    Mouthfeel Agents - Autolees, Mannofeel
    Stabilization - Celstab, Mannostab
    SO2 - Oenosteryl