H&A Barrel Management

H&A is the leader in barrel leasing and used barrel removal services for the wine industry.

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  • About
    We have been committed to extending the life of our barrels for over 20 years.

    As the leading barrel management company providing financial and logistical services to wineries and distilleries, our commitment is to handle all the responsibilities associated with the management of your barrels from the day the orders are placed until the day the barrels are retired.

    As a leader in the industry, we have a great amount of respect for the product we are working with, oak barrels.
    We are inspired by the oak trees, which have grown for over 200 years before being cut, dried, toasted, shaped into barrels, and journeyed across the ocean before finally being used to age wine.

    Our mission is to provide a valuable service to our clients, but we also want to give the barrel the respect it deserves. We recognize the financial value of the barrels, but the primary focus of our activity is to extend the life of the barrels across the world.