Defiance Vineyard

Boutique vineyard and winery featuring award winning estate wines grown sustainably, farmed by hand.

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    Founded in 2012, Defiance Vineyard is a boutique vineyard nestled to the east of Paso Robles, and is known in the area for growing premium Petite Sirah and Bordeaux varieties. Its terrior offers a diurnal temperature swing, providing optimal growing conditions, coveted by others in the region. Dedicated to sustainability, Defiance Vineyard is all farmed and harvested by hand with the utmost attention to detail.

    Defiance Vineyard announced the launching of its estate wine in September 2020, after seeing their perfectly concentrated and coveted fruit produce wines full of richness and natural balance. The Estate portfolio includes: Petite Sirah, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, and Malbec varieties.

    The vineyard is run and operated by the Faulkner family, drawing on each individuals passion and expertise. It is a culmination of years of hard work, as all of the infrastructure and facilities were also built by the family. Women and Veteran owned and operated, they invite you to experience their vision first hand, with a tour and a taste of Defiance Vineyard.
  • Vineyard Details
    • Rolling hills give way to a hidden sanctuary anchored by gates bearing the symbol of a falcon. A lush, artisanal 50-acre vineyard can be seen on the 100-acre property. The incline up the driveway is lined with sycamores leading to a plateau upon which a French inspired Châtaeu sits with 360 views of picturesque countryside.
    • First Date Planted: 2012
    • Last Date Planted: 2018
    • Row Orientations: North/ South
    • Row Spacings: 7-10 ft
    • Trellis Type: Head trained, Modified VSP
    • Rootstock: 1103P, 110R, Saint George, SO4, Freedom
    • Irrigated/Dry Farmed: Irrigated
    • Soil Types: Linne-Calodo
    • Slope Description: Majority: 25-35°
    • Aspect: South East
    • Harvest Method: Hand Picked
    • Wineries Supplied: Clients are located from Napa to Colorado: Emercy, Ladron, Ecluse, Serial, Dilecta, Daou, LaZarre, Pali Wine Co., Sunstone, Defiance.
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  • Varieties Grown
    • Montepulciano | acres

  • Press & Accolades


    • Sep 2022 | Defiance Vineyard Petite Sirah and Moon Rocket Fudge Dark Chocolate Bar


    • 2017 Petite Sirah , 2020 Sommelier's Challenge , Sep 2020, Platinum Medal | Best in Class | 95 points
    • 2019 Malbec Rosé, SF Wine Competition , Gold Medal
    • 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2021 Monterey International Wine Competition, Platinum Medal | 94 points
    • 2018 Whipper-In, 2021 Central Coast Wine Competition , Gold Medal
    • 2018 Whipper In, 2021 Sommelier's Challange , Gold Medal | 92 points
    • 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2021 Sommelier's Challange , Gold | 93 points
    • 2020 Malbec Rosé, 2021 Sommelier's Challange , Gold Medal | 92 points
    • 2018 Cabernet Franc, 2022 Monterey International Wine Competition, 91 points | Gold Medal