Corksy is a comprehensive all-in-one solution built to help wineries sell more wine.

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  • About
    Corksy is the modern, all-in-one Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) platform helping wineries sell more wine.

    Our team of technology and marketing experts, alongside experts within the wine industry, have created a comprehensive DtC platform that streamlines operations, enhances the customer experience, and drives more revenue. Corksy’s enhanced marketing and growth capabilities with full CRM, marketing automation, analytics, and fully-integrated eCommerce, wine club, and POS allow wineries to attract new customers, nurture existing relationships, and increase lifetime value.

    Corksy’s solutions include:

    - End-to-end eCommerce
    - Best-in-Class Checkout
    - Wine Club Management Tools
    - Easy-to-use Website Builder
    - Marketing Automation
    - Robust Point-of-Sale (POS)
    - Built-in Reservations & Events Tool
    - Modern Platform, launched in 2022

    Corksy’s team (based in Southern California) would love to meet you! Learn how we can help your winery sell more wine: