Chateau Margene- Creston

A producer of luxury Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, SLH Pinot Noir and port style wines.

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  • About
    A producer of highly sought after luxury Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc under the Chateau Margene label, Pinot Noir from the Santa Lucia Highlands under their Mooney Family label and port style wines under their Roxo Port Cellars label. Chateau Margene is a family-owned, micro winery located in the Creston District AVA. The initial year of production was 1997 and we are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year. Farming practices are organic and sustainable and the focus is small lots of ultra-premium grapes that are hand picked, hand sorted and then gently moved through our gravity flow grape processing system.

    The Estate tasting room is open Friday - Monday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. Make an appointment with winemaker Michael for the "Elevated Tour & Tasting Experience". During this one of a kind hour tour, you will be guided through the vineyard & winery to experience the entire winemaking process, which ends in the barrel room where you will have a sit down tasting. Michael will sample you through several offerings of their unrivaled Cabernet Sauvignons, Pinot Noirs and port style wines, all served in varietally correct Riedel glasses. The Elevated Tour & Tasting Experience is $40 per person and we can accommodate groups of up to eight (8) people.

    Our 2nd tasting room is located at 845 Embarcadero Road in Morro Bay. Chateau Margene: A Family of wines is open Daily Noon to 7:00 p.m.. Come cool off at the beach and enjoy our wines.
  • Vineyard Details
    • The estate vineyard is planted to 9 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon (4 clones), Cabernet Franc, Merlot & Malbec. This family-owned estate is farmed using organic and sustainable principles with a focus on superior quality and balance.
    • First Date Planted: 1998
    • Last Date Planted: 2016
    • Row Orientations: 5 acres North/South, 4 acres East/West
    • Row Spacings: 4' x 8' & 5' x 10'
    • Trellis Type: VSP
    • Rootstock: 1103P
    • Irrigated/Dry Farmed: Deficit irrigation on drip
    • Soil Types: alluvial hillside terraces, granitic/sedimentary rock with sandy and clay loams
    • Slope Description: flat to 5 degree slopes
    • Harvest Method: Hand pick at first light
    • Wineries Supplied: Chateau Margene uses all the fruit from the estate vineyard.
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  • Varieties Grown
    • Cabernet Sauvignon | 4 acres

    • Cabernet Franc | 2 acres

    • Merlot | 1 acres

    • Malbec | 1 acres

    • Sangiovese | 1 acres

  • Press & Accolades
  • Accolades

    • Mooney Family Pinot Noir, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Nov 2016, 94 Points & Editor's Choice
    • Chateau Margene 2013 CASK 4 (Cabernet Sauvignon), Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Sep 2016, 93 Points
    • Chateau Margene 2013 CASK 4 (Cabernet Sauvignon), Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Sep 2016, 93 Points
    • El Pistolero Pinot Noir, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Dec 2015, 94 Points & Editor's Choice
    • Chateau Margene 2013 CASK 7 (Cabernet Franc), Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Dec 2015, 93 points
    • Chateau Margene 2012 CASK 4 (Cabernet Sauvignon), Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Jun 2015, 94 points
    • Chateau Margene 2010 Beau Melange, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Apr 2015, 94 points