Bon Niche Cellars

Award-winning Bordeaux-style blends, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc produced in small lots.

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  • About
    Enjoy the unexpected! This unpretentious winery is the place to visit for exceptionally balanced wines. Bon Niche Cellars produces award-winning Bordeaux-style blends, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. Other selections include Bordeaux Style Blends, Syrah, Zinfandel and Dessert Wine. Take a moment to call ahead and schedule an appointment with the owners. You'll receive a warm welcome, and experience what owning a small vineyard and winery is truly about.
    The view is great, the folks are charming and the wine worth bragging to your friends about!
  • Vineyard Details
    • First Date Planted: 2007
    • Last Date Planted: 2009
    • Row Orientations: North To South
    • Row Spacings: 6 x 8
    • Trellis Type: Cordon
    • Irrigated/Dry Farmed: Irrigated
    • Harvest Method: Hand
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  • Varieties Grown
    • | 4 acres

    • | 3 acres

    • | 1 acres