Bird Control Group

Preventing conflicts between birds and humans in a sustainable, cost-effective, and innovative way.

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  • About
    Bird Control Group is committed to preventing conflicts between birds and human activities in a sustainable, cost-effective, and innovative manner. The company designs and manufactures laser bird deterrents that show a bird reduction rate of more than 70%. The lasers are deployed in different industries and environments. Bird Control Group operates in more than 100 countries worldwide.

    The principle of laser bird control is inspired by nature. Birds’ most developed sense is sight, and they perceive laser lights on the green spectrum like physical objects. So when the laser moves toward the birds, it triggers their natural fight or flight instinct, making them flee. There are two versions of the laser bird deterrents: manual, Handheld, and automated, AVIX Autonomic.

    The AVIX Autonomic is a fully autonomous laser bird deterrent that scares birds away continuously. It can be easily configured, operated, and monitored through a user-friendly app. The Handheld, on the other hand, is a manual laser that uses the same technology as the automated device. It is designed to be used where it could be less conducive to installing an automated system.