Alta Colina Vineyard & Winery

Estate-grown Rhones from the Adelaida District. Taste, tour, & vintage trailer camp with us...

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  • About
    Starting from the ground up was top priority for owner/winemaker, Bob Tillman, because, after all, wine is grown. Not made.

    In 2003, owner/winemaker Bob Tillman first walked the 130 acre property that would become Alta Colina Vineyard. After 35 years as an engineer by day, home winemaker by night, Alta Colina is his vision from ground to glass.

    Since our founding, Alta Colina has become known as both one of Paso Robles’ most beautiful Vineyards and one of the Central Coast’s most acclaimed Rhône producers. Bob, along with his daughter Maggie and the rest of our team, are committed to translating our incredible property into every bottle we make.

    Visit our tasting room or make a reservation to taste privately in the cellar or on Alta Colina Vineyard. We aim to provide an incredible experience for every guest and can't wait to share our incredible estate property with you.
  • Vineyard Details
    • At 1750 feet above sea level, Alta Colina (Spanish for 'high hill') is among Paso's highest altitude plantings. We farm 31 acres of Rhones (out of 130 total) with a total commitment to quality. Alta Colina Vineyard is organically farmed, drip-irrigated, and entirely tended by hand. Our wines are grown, not made.
    • First Date Planted: 2005
    • Last Date Planted: 2005
    • Row Orientations: Southwest
    • Row Spacings: 4' X 8'
    • Trellis Type: Modified VSP
    • Rootstock: 1103P
    • Irrigated/Dry Farmed: Drip irrigated
    • Soil Types: Gazos, Santa Lucia, Lopez (loam over siliceous shale)
    • Slope Description: Very steep SW and S faces
    • Harvest Method: Hand Harvested
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  • Varieties Grown
    • Syrah Noir | 13.7 acres

    • Grenache Blanc | 5.5 acres

    • Mourvèdre | 4.2 acres

    • Petite Sirah | 1.4 acres

    • Petite Sirah | 1.3 acres

    • Roussanne | 1.2 acres

    • Viognier | 2.6 acres

    • Grenache Blanc | 1.3 acres