Alba Provisions Inc

We specialize in gourmet picnic, cheese & charcuterie goods for local wineries & retail consumers

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    Here at ALBA Provisions + Flowers, we specialize in creating a memorable experience for you and your guests in the form of food! Using only the best and most fresh ingredients, our charcuterie and picnic goods will tantalize your tastebuds. You can find our charcuterie boxes and cheese plates at local wineries, but also sell to the retail consumers for your special event or wine tasting. There's always an excuse to eat cheese, so don't hold back!
    We offer:
    Charcuterie Platters/Boards/Boxes/Cups/Cones
    Grazing Tables, beautiful table displays act not only as food, but as d├ęcor too!
    Wine Paired Cheese Plates, vacuum sealed
    Crudites & Dips Platters/Boxes/Cups
    Holiday Themed Charcuterie Platters/Boards/Cups/Plates
    Sandwich & Salad Platters/Boxes
    Small Bite Appetizer Catering
    Wine Club Pick Up Party Appetizers & Grazing Tables
    Wholesale Picnic Goods for your Tasting Room (nuts, dried fruit, olives, crackers, bulk cut cheese, salads, chocolate, etc)