9th House

We provide interior design, branding and experience design services to wineries/hospitality industry

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    At 9th House, we like to think outside the box and color between the lines. We are obsessed with shipping containers are we reimagine them to be a solution to solve some of today big challenges we face today in the US and around the world such as affordable housing, for homelessness, retail spaces to start small businesses, hotels, restaurants & bars, offices and so much more. We build spaces in a highly creative, sustainable, and innovative way leveraging the latest AI technologies – something we are all very proud of here at 9th House.

    “We dream of a world where innovative, sustainable, beautiful, and affordable spaces are accessible to all, and we promise to make this dream a reality.”
    –Alpa Patel, Founder & CEO, 9th House

    Old shipping containers are our canvas from where our artists-designers dream, design and paint the spaces that are like a piece of art. And we do just that! We turn shipping containers that arrive in the US into beautifully designed spaces for live, work, and play complete with community mural art. We’re inspired by our brand: It’s all about creating a sense of community, culture, and connection. We work with used shipping containers. Our designers and artists breathe new life into a used container and transform them into beautiful spaces that have the power to serve people, the planet, and profits. As our video above shows above, we reposition older containers into beautiful hospitality spaces such as hotels, restaurants and bars.