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Paso Robles Wine Tour

Experience the Paso Robles wine region to the fullest with this fun and truly memorable small-group wine tour.

Paso Robles is the fastest growing wine region in the U.S. – and for great reason! Aside from boasting a fun, laid-back vibe and reasonable prices, the region’s conditions are ideal for cultivating world-class wines on-par or better than Napa & Sonoma.

Add to this the fact that most wineries are small and family-owned, allowing for authentic intimate experiences, perfectly paired with outstanding wines in a picturesque countryside.

On our small group guided Toast Together tour, you’ll get to enjoy the best of what Paso Robles has to offer while sharing your day with other friendly, wine-interested travelers on an intimate, social and lighthearted journey through Paso Robles wine country. You’ll travel in a small, comfortable tour bus while visiting three charming small to medium sized wineries throughout the Paso Robles countryside and finish the day at Tin City, where you can visit multiple wineries (or a brewery, distillery or cider house!).

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