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Get Crafty

February 19, 2019

Three gifted ladies show their creative side by making their own unique pieces of art. Read how crafting plays well with Paso Wine.

Abby Lopez

Director of Warehouse Operations/Services, Michael Dusi Logistics Warehouse

What type of crafting do you do? Home decor! My passion is refurbishing, reupholstering, and re-imagining old and gently used furniture.

How did you get into redoing furniture? I started getting into furniture crafting in college. The Melrose Trading Post flea market has so many old pieces that you could pick up for a few dollars and bring back to life through crafting. It was a much better alternative to IKEA.

What inspires you to get crafty and create? I’m inspired by food, wine, art, and music. I created an accent piece with a brewing carboy (In brewing, a carboy is a glass or plastic vessel used in fermenting beverages such as wine, mead, cider, perry, and beer) and vine clippings. Another re-upholstery project I created was inspired by a Diego Rivera mural that hangs in my dining room.

Are there other forms of crafting you’d like to start? I’m really interested in doing more glass-based crafting and upcycling empty wine bottles.

What do you do with your crafts? I keep about 50% and give away the other 50%.

How does Paso Wine play into your crafts? I use a lot of Paso Wine “by products” like extra labels and staves. Of course, the best crafting sessions always include a good glass, maybe bottle, of Paso Wine!

How does being creative benefit you? Crafting is key to my distressing. I love being able to focus on a project and forgetting about everything else for a few hours.

What’s your FAVORITE Paso wine?? Anything from Amy Butler or Janell Dusi, those ladies know how to “craft” amazing wines!


Pati Coelho

Owner, Criú Hospitality Professionals

What type of crafting do you do?  Glass art – windows, fused glass, custom coasters, and garden art.

How did you get into creating glass art?  I have always dabbled in arts and crafts of some sort but caught the glass “bug” upon meeting Kathy Dusi in 1985.  Kathy was a professional, gifted craftsman.  It was fortuitous to have had the opportunity to learn from her and her mom, Dorothy Dusi, as I went on to own my own stained-glass business which thrived for many years.

What inspires you to create?  It’s always great to have a “side gig” – something you can dive into that’s away from your usual routine.  I love the idea of design and creation, and glass allows me to think with that side of my brain.  It’s another world to get out to the workbench, turn on great music, and let my creativity flow, even though not every project comes out the way I may have first envisioned!

Are there other forms of crafting you’d like to start?  I love attending Sip and Paint winery events.  It allows me to experience different mediums of art and to learn new things from very reputable local artists. And the wine is always a plus!

What do you do with your glass art?  While I still sell some of my work, I mostly enjoy making gifts for friends and family.

How does Paso Wine play into your glass art?  Like stained glass, or painting, or sculpture, wine is an artisan creation.  Paso Robles is full of very creative people, and we all appreciate each other’s work.

How does creating art benefit you?  Being a part of this community opens doors to other creative minds and provides opportunities for networking and promoting each other.

What’s your FAVORITE Paso wine??  Ugh….that’s an impossible question.  With the diversity of Paso Robles, we can taste an unending variety of wines – often with names we’ve never heard.  And I love that.  But if I only had to choose one (God forbid), it would be a Syrah or GSM.  Love those Rhône’s!

Cathy Rock-Perata

Owner, Fratelli Perata Winery

What type of crafting do you do? I crochet, so mostly hats and blankets, occasionally stuffed animal toys. I have made a sweater and a t-shirt but getting it to fit properly is really hard!

How did you get into crocheting? I needed something to do with my hands during college. Reading a pattern wasn’t too different from reading my textbooks and I got something useful when I finished. I also could crochet while I read or while discussing homework with classmates.

What inspires you to crochet? Being cold! I love making cozy blankets and hats in all sorts of beautiful colors. I have a hat for almost any cool weather and several spares in my car just in case! I hate being cold.

Are there other forms of crafting you’d like to start? I really want to start sewing so I can make shirts and sweaters and to line my crocheted hats, but the sewing machine is really complicated compared to my simple crochet hook.

What do you do with your crochet pieces? I use them for myself and give away a lot. I love making things with a person in mind so I can match colors and styles to that person. I also make a baby blanket to give to each of my friends and family when they have a baby.

How does Paso Wine play into your crocheting? The best way to crochet is to spend an evening talking with friends and drinking wine! I’ve spent many hours sitting with friends slowly working on our various projects while chatting about work and life and wine. I have made some wine related items like a bottle bag to put a bottle in when I give one as a present. It looks really fancy! 😊

How does crocheting benefit you? Winemaking is very creative but requires a lot of patience. Crocheting takes time but I get an item finished really fast! Then I can have patience for the wine to age.

What’s your FAVORITE Paso wine?? I love Cabernet Sauvignon! I can find something to love about any Cab I taste, whether it’s light or heavy, earthy or fruity.