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Paso Wine Hour

Join us for the Paso Wine Hour where we hang out with a few of Paso Robles Wine Country’s personalities. This casual online show brings together Paso’s tight-knit wine community, so naturally, panelists are not just colleagues, but friends specially selected for the show theme. Topics may include what’s happening in the cellar or vineyard or any number of subjects that apply to wine, or not. We strive to discuss something interesting while having fun. Wines are shared and opinions made.

The Paso Wine Hour includes three personalities joining in from the cellar, winery, home, or vineyard. Happening every Thursday from 3 – 4 p.m. and is hosted by Paso Wine’s own Christopher Taranto. This casual meet-up has no agenda, no motive to sell you anything, nor a script. Just a few of Paso wine country’s personalities having a talk and giving the viewers a peek behind the personality of the region.

Thursday, April 28 – Drive Through Paso Robles

Drive Through Paso Robles is a new book by Paul Hodgins, Naushad Huda, and Kathy Lajvardi. This book dives into the history of the region, along with its formation, the climactic nuances that make it unique, and some winemaker interviews that bring out the true character of the region. Also contributing to this fun read is Christopher Taranto, Communications Director of the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance with portions of the AVA chapter. Today we meet with the publisher and author to talk about the book and what went into creating it.

Here is the Zoom Link -https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87823317679?pwd=a28xNXlZclhQdlROeDlIMkg4TWRLZz09

Or join us on www.facebook.com/PasoRoblesWine







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