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Ep 70: Zero to Farmer in 6 Seconds – High Camp Wines | Dresser Winery

March 3, 2023

New Winery, Who Dis? Today we meet two new brands, Dresser Winery and High Camp Wines. Both of their stories are similar, but as we have learned far too often, different paths to the same spot have a unique story all their own.

Remember the Matt Damon movie, ‘We Bought a Zoo’? It’s like that. Both these folks came from different walks of life and now have land to farm, wine to make, and customers to keep, while making their own fingerprint on the fruit be felt and earning new fans on their own.

You might think coming into a situation like this might be a charmed entry into the wine biz, acquiring an already existing brand, and I’m sure there are some blessings, but there are a LOT of challenges as well.

For our Travel Paso Spotlight we talked about The Backyard in Paso. Great vibe, and great beers downtown Paso on 13th. For more before your visit, check out TravelPaso.com


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