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Ep 49: Paso Plays Host to Rhone Lovers – James Suckling | MJ Towler

April 28, 2022

Hospice du Rhone is in town, and Paso is bursting at the seems with excitement! Paso and event organizers are welcoming winemakers from all over the world for this bi-annual event that really was four years in the making cause of well, 2020.

Excited to welcome acclaimed wine critic, wine writer, and shoot, he even has his own Masterclass, the one and only James Suckling. Super cool dude, and felt like we made a new friend. He is joined by one of our faves, Scott Hawley of Torrin, who has been on the podcast once before, as well as Communications Director for Paso Wine, Chris Taranto.

Speaking of new friends, we also chat with MJ Towler of the Black Wine Guy Experience. A fellow podcast host, MJ is in town for HdR, and he and Adam have kept in contact waiting for his next visit to collab, and you will hear this audio here, as well as his podcast, The Black Wine Guy Experience.

We also talk about Paso Wine Fest 2022. With all-new features, including a VIP pass, you don’t want to miss Paaso Wine Fest this year.

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