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Ep 44: When Generations and Talents Evolve – Steinbeck Vineyards & Winery | PasoPort

February 17, 2022

We know times change. We know people change. We know trends change. Today we are going to talk to two folks that share the essence of embracing reinvention.

Cindy Steinbeck, of Steinbeck Wines, is part of a multi-generational family with deep roots here in not just Paso Robles, but Paso wine history. She shares some of her family’s history here, and how it went when she decided to evolve and make the Steinbecks known for more than their world-class grapes they have grown for decades, but now a wine brand. She explains how her father, Paso grape legend Howie Steinbeck, was a little apprehensive at first, and what it took to make him come around.

Steve Glossner has made wine in Paso for some of the biggest names. Justin, Adelaida, Halter Ranch, are just some of the brands that launched or leaned on him to make their wines at early and critical times not only for their brand but a pivotal time for Paso Robles. Since then, add a successful port brand (Paso Port), and now a distillery brand (Pendray’s Distillery), and you have a Paso triple threat. Steve shares with us his journey, and how it brought him to where we record today, his tasting room at Paso Port. We also get a little cameo from his lovely wife Lola, who has given everything to these brands as well.

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