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Ep 42: Paso News: Acquisitions & New Faces – Booker Vineyard | Project X

January 21, 2022

Two heavy-hitters on today’s episode. Eric Jensen of Booker Vineyard and Juan Mercado of Realm Wines and a new soon-to-be-announced brand in Paso!

Eric made national news when he sold his Booker Vineyard winery to Constellation. Adam will ask all the questions you have on your mind. Is it good for Paso? Will Eric still be involved? How many zeros are we talking about here???? No one brings it as real as Eric does, and it will be fun to chat with him about it all. No question is off-limits.

Juan Mercado started Realm Wines in 2002. It has since transformed into the cult wines of the cult wine scene in Napa with demand and a premium that is largely unmatched, even for Napa. Juan is making the move from Napa to Paso to start another brand that will no doubt be one to watch for and is already having those in the know, talking.

Both these guys are good friends which made for a great and smooth conversation. Share this episode, this will be one for the WWTY library.

Original music on WWTY, “Good Company”, performed by Moonshiner Collective.

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