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Ep 31: Young Guns with Young Ones – BENOM | Nenow Family Wines | ONX Wine

August 19, 2021

‘Young Guns with Young Ones’ is the theme for this episode where we meet two young men, with two young brands, with young families where the familial connection runs through more than their household, but through their respective brands as well.

Arnuad Fabre moved to the US from France to chase his love, and to strike a new chord in old family history in the wine business. His father for many years had a winery in Bourg, France near Bordeaux. Arnaud and his brother Guillaume (Also of Clos Solène) started BENOM wines with their first vintage in 2015.

Along with Arnaud, we meet Drew Nenow (NEE-now) of Nenow Family Wines. By day, Drew is the winemaker for the popular Paso brand, ONX Wines, located in Tin City, but started this family brand with his wife, sister, and brother in law after being inspired by growing up in the wine industry exposed to his aunt and uncle who have a winery in Napa.

Both these gentlemen couldn’t be more different, but the thread of family that runs through not only their blood, but their brand, and the fact they both have young families, we found a lot more similarities than we even expected.

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