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Ep 3: Why Paso? – Hope Family Wines | Booker Vineyard & Winery

July 22, 2020

Why Paso? That’s the question we ask on today’s podcast of Where Wine Takes You. Paso Wine Country is unique and special, and with this episode, we are thrilled to ask this question of two great guests that are never short of one, their love for Paso, and two, a clear opinion.

If you look up ‘charisma’ on Wikipedia, you will see a picture of Eric Jensen of Booker Wines. His wine and organic farming practices are leading the pack in Paso, and he is beyond engaging when it comes to his love for Paso Robles wine. In addition to ‘Why Paso?, we ask Eric about his 100 point wine, how Booker has pivoted in the light of things, and what’s next for Paso wine country.

Our second guest is as equally as special and has his own unique journey and definitive take on, ‘Why Paso’? I’m excited to get candid with Austin Hope of Austin Hope Wines. His family arrived in Paso in the late 1970s, and familiar brands like Hope Family Wines, Troublemaker, Treana, Liberty School, and Austin Hope wines, have been pushing the envelope and waving the Paso flag for decades. Normally the coolest people you know aren’t all so real. Sometimes the most real of people we know, aren’t all that cool. Austin is the perfect mix of both, and when you hear his story, you have to imagine Paso had something to do with that. Austin is riding a great wave on a new wine he debuted vintage 2015, the Austin Hope Cab. Out the gate, they scored 97 points from Wine Enthusiast, and then the 2017 vintage was named #10 Wine in the World in Wine Enthusiast’s most recent list of their Top 100 Wines.

Both these will be great takes on the question we ask with this episode, ‘Why Paso?’

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