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Ep 2: Old School Meets New School – Eberle Winery | Epoch Wines

July 2, 2020

Episode 2 of Where Wine Takes You is where Old School Meets New School. We talk to Owner and Paso legend, Gary Eberle about trekking early to mid 70’s with his crew from UC Davis to test the soils of Paso Robles. Gary talks about the history, being mentored by Robert Mondavi, and how that lead to a now 40-year run with acclaim and awards all along the way. What’s even more exciting is what’s next for Eberle, which he shares with us as well.

We also meet Jordan Fiorentini of Epoch Estate Wines. Although definitively more new  ‘new school’ than Eberle, there is a rich history here as well. Epoch sits on the site of the very first bonded winery on California’s central coast, dating back to 1882. We will learn how important it was for owners Bill and Liz Armstrong to pay respect and celebrate to this day that history, and how it seamlessly is woven into the state of the art winemaking practices and the team lead by winemaker and our guest Jordan Fiorentini. Jordan made wine in Napa, Sonoma, and Italy, and shares what sets Paso apart.

Winery  and Show Links: Eberle Winery and Epoch Wine Estate

Host Adam Montiel @adamontheair

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