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Ep 16: Newsworthy – Two Paso Players Talk Wine – Tooth & Nail Wine Company | Robert Hall Winery

February 19, 2021

Today’s episode epitomizes more than that feeling of, ‘wow, small world”, but just how tight-knit the Paso Robles wine country community is.  We talk to two brands that have definite and recent interconnections, with also their own unique takes and expressions of what Paso means to them.

One from Paso’s westside, and one from Paso’s eastside. We meet Caine Thompson, the Managing Director of Robert Hall Winery, and Jeremy Leffert, the Director of Winemaking at Tooth & Nail Wine Company.

Robert Hall Winery is on Paso’s eastside and has taken some serious strides in their desire to not only farm in the most progressive ways but make it a way to share the process with all those who want to learn. We will dig again into the idea of Regenerative Farming, and what that means for the land and ultimately, the wine in the glass.

Tooth & Nail is our resident winery castle. I refer to them as the ‘first castle on the right’. Do a serious wine out of a castle can be tricky. It’s beautiful, sexy, not schticky, and the hospitality, the wines, and the cuisine is all top-notch, at the same time, very approachable. We record this episode from the terrace of the Tooth & Nail castle on Paso’s westside.

For more on Robert Hall Winery, visit RobertHallWinery.com.

For more on Tooth and Nail Winery, visit ToothandNailWine.com.

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