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    Introducing our safety services to save you time and money!
    Now is the time of the year to evaluate your workplace safety programs. Per federal and state regulations, a safety program is to be audited annually and updated if conditions have changed.

    At Wilson & Associates, our goal is to assist you in making your business even more profitable. That’s why we’ve expanded our services from accounting and payroll, to include the expertise of Dave Wilson in Safety and Compliance.
    We offer safety training to meet your needs, as you need them. We are experts in designing programs tailored to your business whether you’re a new business or a veteran.
    Do you have an in‐house safety professional that is over worked and needs some assistance to get up to date? We act as an independent safety auditor to go through your facility and partner with you in safety compliance. We have the expertise to provide you with solutions that not only keep you current with the newest regulations, but also save you money.
    We provide safety consulting for a wide range of industries, including but not limited to, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, food service and transportation.

    Why put off getting your company’s safety program in place and up to date when you can start saving money now?
    Call Dave Wilson today at 805‐226‐8790 or email for your FREE consultation.