Sustainable Agricultural Solutions, LLC

Manufacturer and distributor of CDFA - OIM that reduces AG-CHEM usage for sustainable crops & soil.

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    Sustainable Agricultural Solutions manufactures and distributes "Wood Nectar" which is a CDFA registered, OMRI listed natural plant growth liquid additive that increases uptake, penetration, and absorption of nutrients and agro-chemicals.

    This material was developed by a grower for growers. When added to the crop spray solution, reduces the amount of nutrients and agro-chemicals by 40 to 50% while keeping the same efficacy of the original recommended
    rates. This material is easily added into the existing supply chain, and can be mixed with any solution as long as the pH is below 7. In fact, we recommend all of our growers reduce herbicide rates by 50%, as it is not only more effective than using Roundup at full recommendation rate, but is more efficient and more effective when rate is reduced by 50% and our natural OIM is added to the solution! Additionally, the microbial activity in the soil is increased therefore increasing uptake of nutrients into the plant.

    Wood Nectar reduces the water cluster value making the water molecule smaller and therefore easier to be absorbed into the plant surface. The smaller water molecule increases the absorption of Ag-Chem and nutrients into the plant cell therefore reducing the need of Ag-Chem and nutrients by 30-50%

    This material can be applied via foliar, and or soil application and is an excellent organic resource for plant and soil health. This material is extremely effective and has an excellent cost benefit ratio.