Garcia Wealth Management Group, Inc.

Dedicated to supporting local businesses successfully manage their employee retirement plans

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    Deeply rooted in our community, Garcia Wealth Management Group has been supporting local businesses on the central coast for almost 20 years. With nearly 100 Retirement Plans, 401(k), 403(b) and 457and thousands of employees served, we have learned and developed a service that is focused on enriching the retirement plan experience.

    We believe in the value of helping companies manage their employee retirement plans, as well as assisting participants with making smart decisions to lead them on the path to a successful retirement. We offer a unique approach that places value not only in aiding the employer in running an efficient and compliant retirement plan but also in providing personalized advice to each of the employees.

    Our success in unburdening businesses of all sizes, with the complexities of operating a Retirement Plans is a part of what creates an atmosphere of trust between our firm and our clients. We know that long-term client relationships, built on trust, are the natural results of sound, unbiased investment advice, personalized service, and a steadfast commitment to our clients and their employees.