Bodegas Paso Robles

Bodegas Paso Robles is dedicated to producing wines using Spanish and Portuguese varietals.

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    Bodegas Paso Robles wines are made with grape varietals used in Spanish and Portuguese winemaking. Our winemaker, Dorothy Schuler, strives for an artistic balance of the ancient craft of winemaking — one of the oldest professions in the world — with the new world's love of innovation.

    Our red wine blends are based on Tempranillo, one of the most extensively planted grapes in both Spain and Portugal. This grape is becoming increasingly popular in California, possibly because our climate and terrain are so similar to that of the Iberian Peninsula. Blended wines — much more popular in Europe — are finally more prevalent in America. Our wines showcase why blends are increasing in popularity.

    Tempranillo is a thick-skinned dark grape that produces a fruity wine full of plum and black cherry with spice and sometimes smoky leather, licorice, and almond flavors. ¡Viva Yo! — our flagship wine — is Tempranillo blended with a smidgen of Cabernet Sauvignon. Other blends contain grapes either rare to this country (Graciano and Bastardo) or used strictly to make port wines (Tinto Cão and Touriga).

    Tempranillo blends are extremely versatile with food pairings, and the Spanish believe it is the most food-friendly of all wines. Nothing works better with spicy food or game birds – think duck or pheasant – and it is sublime with pork and lamb.
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    Grenache Blanc
    Malvasia Bianca
    Red Blend
    Tinta Cão
    Tinto Roriz
    Touriga Nacional