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Solar, Roofing, & Air Conditioning - Bland. More exciting than it sounds.

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    We get it. What we do seems about as exciting as our name. But we also know that what we do has a direct impact on our customers’ lives. And that’s Exciting!

    At Bland, we specialize in residential and commercial solar panel installation and cleaning, energy efficiency services in air conditioning and heating, and roof installations. Through offering smart energy solutions that combine solar and energy-efficient systems to provide the highest, economical, and environmental benefits, we are able to provide un-matched value to our customers and the environment.

    Founded in 1985, with over 30 years’ experience, we respect our customers, help the environment, provide clean energy, and contribute to the communities where we work.

    Contact us anytime for an estimate, or visit us in our showrooms in Atascadero, CA.