AronHill Vineyards Bistro

Fresh dishes from farm-to-table sources with a glass of AronHill, all paired with stunning views

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  • About
    The AronHill Bistro is the Paso Robles wine country’s dining discovery, where you will enjoy fresh dishes made from local farm-to-table sources, all paired with stunning hilltop views.

    The philosophy of the AronHill Bistro mirrors our approach to winemaking: deliver full, authentic flavors by relying on the best ingredients, and by not overcomplicating what nature has provided.

    How It Works:
    Choose your lunch selections from our menu and taste AronHill wines in our tasting room while our on-site chef prepares your food. Once ready, you can sit and relax on our outdoor patio overlooking the vineyard, savoring your meal with a glass of wine.