Amy Butler Wine Consulting

25+ Years of Professional and Commercial Wine Experience: Production Problem Solving Education

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  • About
    Professional and Commercial Wine Production Consulting

    Offering Grape-to-Bottle Winemaking as Well As:

    • Special Projects with Proven Record of Discretion and Non-Disclosure
    • SKU Expansions and New Product Development
    • Scaling with Attention to Stylistic Consistency
    • Alignment with Vineyard Staff on Quality-Driven Improvements

    For New Endeavors:

    • Existing Inventory Assessment for Winery Buyers/Sellers
    • Custom Crush Management
    • Stylistic Definition and Evolution
    • Fruit Sourcing
    • Barrel and Oak Program Development
    • Packaging Suggestions
    • Collaboration with Design Teams to ensure Optimized Winery Workflow
    • Competitive Set Analysis for Marketing Goals
    • Staff Training (Cellar, Sales, and Hospitality)

    For Established Wineries:

    • Dynamic Production Planning with Sales Team
    • Vineyard Sampling and Picking Decisions
    • Lab Data Interpretation and Adjustment Recommendations
    • Assistance with Blending and Lab Trials
    • Wine Remediation and Problem-Solving
    • Pre-bottling Wine Finishing and Polishing
    • Descriptive Tasting Notes