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Winemaking 101 Seminar

This is your chance to be a Winemaker for the day! This hands-on, immersive class will begin with a detailed tour of our Winery, where you’ll take a deep dive into how to make wine. We’ll cover the different techniques for fermenting a red, white or sparkling wine, the science behind barrel aging and more. The class will end with a tasting in the cellar – like a real Winemaker!

About Your Instructor: Craig Macmillan is our Critical Resource Manager. He tracks our sustainability efforts, leads staff and public education and is the mastermind behind our private tour program. He holds three degrees: a B.S. in Philosophy, an M.S. in Plant Protection Science and a Ph.D. in Sociology. His extensive education is paired with thirty years of hands-on experience, including growing grapes, making wine, teaching, conducting research and podcasting. Get ready to learn from (truly) the best!

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