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Vintage Fest @ Bushong Vintage Company

Three days of fun at Bushong Vintage Company, with a live musical performance on Saturday the 16th.

Friday, 2-8PM: Anything but Zin. You have a full weekend of Zinfandel ahead of you. Come in for glass specials of some tricky red blends or some 100% Tannat.

Saturday, 6-8PM: Travis T. Warren, (frontman of Blind-Melon since 2006) performs an intimate show at Bushong Vintage Company. For those lucky 100 who attended the BVC year-one party, you know Travis is not to be missed… for the rest of you: get ready for a stunning artist performance.

Sunday 1-5PM: Feeling Lucky this St. Patrick’s Day? Or just feeling hung-over? Either way, come spin the BVC Wheel of Fortune for wine specials here at BVC and treat yourself to a donut to soak up any bits of booze already, or awaiting to be, consumed.