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Tailgate – Neighborhood Vine Mealy Bug Management

Vineyard Team Members & Industry Professionals,
Join us Friday, April 12th at Talley Vineyards to discuss vine mealybugs and how to manage them!
$30 / FREE for Vineyard Team members
BRING A FRIEND for FREE – share the registration link with a friend and give them code FRIEND4 for free tickets.

Vine mealybug occurs in all major California production areas. In California, the vine mealybug feeds predominantly on grapevines and is a damaging pest capable of rapidly transmitting grape leafroll viruses. This pest does not respect the borders of vineyards and will cross over to other vineyards, bringing viruses with them.

Nathan Mercer, University of California Berkeley, and Kent Daane, Kearney Agricultural Research and Education Center, will discuss the different management methods farmers can use to deal with this pest and how, if growers coordinate their management efforts, they can greatly increase the effectiveness of the management practices. They will share information about new VMB mating disruption products. Host Dave Terry of Talley Vineyards will be joined by Rawley Hemrick of Mesa Vineyard Management and Maria Zumkeller of LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards to share their experience with vine mealybug management.

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