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Plastic Pollution Solutions

Plastic Pollution Crisis: How to Address the Problem from the Wine Industry Frontlines

Plastic pollution is an escalating threat, second only to climate change’s detrimental impact on our planet. Despite our best efforts, much of the plastic we think we are recycling ends up contributing to this growing problem. However, the wine industry can play a pivotal role in transforming this scenario.

Do you ever wonder what really happens to the plastic in your blue bin once it is collected? What if I told you that plastic pollution is causing immense harm to our planet, ranking just behind climate change as the second most severe environmental threat? But what if I told you that as a wine producer, you are in an amazing position to transform the culture and help tackle plastic pollution?

We are excited about the potential impact of this seminar and would love to see widespread participation from wineries across the region.

In this seminar, you’ll learn:

-The current state of plastic pollution

-Practical steps to prevent plastic and other types of waste in various areas of your business

-Transforming the culture in your company around waste to make these changes sustainably, long-lasting, and progressive

-Measure your current waste and set waste-reducing goals.

-What goes in the recycling bin?

Date: June 20th
Location: Lone Madrone
Time: 9-11 am
Cost: $20 per person
Guests: 30

A testament from Neil Collins:

“I attended the seminar that Leslie presented at Tablas Creek on this subject, and I cannot remember a seminar that had a greater impact on both my personal and professional behavior on a given subject. What I did not realize about the world of plastic and the inadequacies of recycling was astounding. I cannot recommend Leslie’s presentation highly enough.” – Neil Collins, Director of Winemaking at Tablas Creek and owner of Lone Madrone.

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