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JUSTIN Virtual Tasting with founder Justin Baldwin

We invite you to tune-in for our first-ever virtual tasting hosted by Justin Baldwin, live on the JUSTIN Instagram page. During the live session, Justin will be tasting through Viognier, JUSTIFICATION and (of course!) ISOSCELES, as well as sharing his personal stories about the winery.

Step One: Follow JUSTIN Wines on Instagram @justinwine https://www.instagram.com/justinwine/?hl=en

Step Two: To experience the wine with JUSTIN in real time, order your Tasting Pack by March 31. Two-Day Shipping included with promo code JUSTIN. https://justinwine.com/campaign/2020/justin-baldwin-virtual-tasting.html

When: April 4th, 5:00-6:00pm PDT on Instagram Live (@justinwine)

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