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A Year in the Vineyard Seminar

This immersive class will teach you the fundamentals of the vineyard. What happens in the vineyard each year builds the foundation for your favorite wines, and you’ll leave with a greater understanding and appreciation for this side of the industry. Educator Craig will cover everything from vine physiology to pruning. Learn how a Winemaker decides when it’s time to pick a grape, and what different grape varieties look like in the field.

About Your Instructor: Craig Macmillan is our Critical Resource Manager. He tracks our sustainability efforts, leads staff and public education and is the mastermind behind our private tour program. He holds three degrees: a B.S. in Philosophy, an M.S. in Plant Protection Science and a Ph.D. in Sociology. His extensive education is paired with thirty years of hands-on experience, including growing grapes, making wine, teaching, conducting research and podcasting. Get ready to learn from (truly) the best!

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